City Spy Game

Possible from approx. 25 persons

A game where the air will be filled with tension from the beginning until the very end. At the start, an unknown boss will give teams their assignment. From there on, it will be up to the participants to solve their quest within the given time…

Breda’s most rewarding city game
20 to 250 participants
Duration is flexible (2,5 hours up to the entire day)
Weather independent

Challenging, thrilling and dynamic

Spy Game is perfect as a company outing, staff outing, group activity, family activity or just any kind of team building! The Spy Game is a challenging, thrilling and dynamic city activity programme. The various missions ask for creativity, improvisation, assertiveness and team work.


The Spy Game takes places in the city centre. During the activity, the group is divided into smaller teams of approximately 6 people. Each team works independently to complete the mission. The more information and clues they manage to gather, the closer they will get to the final solution. However, there will be difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Who can you trust? Who is after them? What is possible and what is not? Is your interpretation correct? The Spy Game will keep you on your toes the entire time!


The Spy Game guarantees that team work and communication is necessary. It provides hilarious situations and lots of fun! Perfect for team building.

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