Camera 4

Battle possible
60 min
2 t/m 14
Difficulty level
Escape rate

Something is off in the building where we are located, so we decided to install some security cameras. On the footage of Camera 4, we happen to see a strange fellow every once in a while. He seems to be familiar with our building and to know where he is heading. Every time, he goes through a door where even we have never been before… We have already peeked inside. It seems like someone lives there! We are quite worried about this situation, so we are looking for some people who would like to explore what is happening behind this door… We will be very grateful for your help!

We recommend a group size of 3 to 6 people. It is possible to play with 7, but this might have an impact on your game experience.

This room might be a little scary, but it is nothing like horror. We do not work with actors.

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