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Yes, we can translate the rooms into English. Everything you need to play will be in English. There will be some words in Dutch that can not be translated, but you will either find the translation or you will not need it. Please put a request for the English room in the discription of your reservation.

The Mail Room is accessible for wheelchair users, Camera 4 and Vaudeville aren’t accessible unfortunately.

It is best to book online.

Our booking system is always up to date. Is it not possible to click a certain time slot anymore, this means that the slot is already booked.

After booking a certain time and date, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please check your spam folder as well. If you haven’t received this confirmation e-mail, this means the booking hasn’t come through correctly.

Do you want to book within 24 hours? Call us on 076-369 0564 to check the availability. It is not possible to book online within 24 hours.

Our cancellation policy: 

Booking 1 room
In case you wish to cancel within 48 hours prior to the reservation,
we reserve the right to charge for the reservation. The cancellation costs are at least 50% of the reservation costs.

Booking 2 rooms
In case you wish to cancel within 4 days prior to the reservation,
we reserve the right to charge for the reservation. The cancellation costs are at least 50% of the reservation costs.

Booking 3 to 6 rooms
In case you wish to cancel within 7 days prior to the reservation,
we reserve the right to charge for the reservation. The cancellation costs are at least 50% of the reservation costs.

Most of our rooms are provided with airco, except Camera 4. This room can get a little warm on the hot summer days.

Leuk! Je weet maar nooit. We hebben een kei leuk jong team van ca. 25 oproepkrachten. De werkuren vallen veelal in het weekend, vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag. Het werk bestaat uit het monitoren van de kamers, het resetten van de kamers en het bijhouden van  de kwaliteit van de kamers. Je hebt direct contact met de groepen, dus enige sociale vaardigheid is wel handig. Bel of stuur een mailtje….dan geven we altijd antwoord.

Yes, we have the capacity to let up to 40 people play at the same time. The group will be divided into different teams who play different rooms. You can book the rooms yourself by selecting all time slots around the same time (there might be a 15 minute difference in start time between rooms with different themes). You can also check the page ‘big groups’on our website! Is there still any unclarity? Don’t hesitate to e-mail to or call 076-369 0564. We are more than happy to discuss the various possibilities with you!

The game itself takes max. 60 minutes, but if you are successful, you might escape a little earlier.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the time of your reservation. If you arrive too late, this might cost you your own game time as we work according to a tight schedule with multiple bookings after each other. When you arrive very early, it is possible that we are still assisting the group before you. Of course you are more than welcome to come in already and to enjoy a drink in our lounge.

Yes, you can pay by card. Credit card as well. Cash payments are also welcome. 

Yes, that is possible. We charge €7.50 invoice costs. Please send us all your necessary personal details in advance via e-mail, such as the correct billing address.

No, groups of 8 or more persons have to be split and will play identical rooms in two groups. This makes it possible to play exactly the same game at the same time. We apply the maximum of 7 persons per room, because it significantly hinders your experience of the game to be with more people in one room.

7 persons per room for Camera 4 and The Mail Room, 6 for Vaudeville. 

We advise to have an adult with the team of kids until the age of 13, from 14 years onwards the kids will be able to play without an adult. 

For Camera 4, we advise a minimum age of 16 due to the difficulty level and because the room can be a little scary for very young kids. oppas spelen. 

Out and about without kids? Check out  for a suitable babysitter nearby! 

Yes, we have a wonderful lobby where you can have a drink before or after escaping. 

For groups bigger than 12 persons we can offer some appetizers or pastries. Please contact us via e-mail or call us to discuss this. Note that you always have to ask this beforehand!

We think that it isn’t an issue that you are pregnant. An escape room is a mental game, not a physical one! If in doubt, you can always contact us.

You pay at our location, and only for the number of people that played.
HOWEVER, note that this is not the case when you have booked 2 rooms for 8 people and show up with 7 or less and want to play in just 1 room.
We have already reserved 2 rooms for you, so therefore you still have to pay for 2 rooms. 

Our rooms are not extremely terrifying but Camera 4 can be a little scary or creepy at times. We do not at all want to give you a horror experience! 

We have tried our very best to make the rooms as safe as possible. Every room has an emergency button, so you can always open the door independently from the inside. At all times, there will be someone monitoring your progress, this person will be able to see and hear you for safety reasons as well. Please always follow our instructions.

You mostly have to inform us when the increase/decrease means that you need a room less or an extra escape room! Please call when you are in doubt.

Yes, there are various parking spots close to our place, but they are all paid! Here you find the closest parking spots. 

We are also easy to reach by public transportation. 

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