8 to 15 years

for groups of 8 people or more, we have 2 identical rooms. You battle against the clock and the other team.

Group size

You can play the room from 3 to 7 people. With more than 7 people, we split the group in two and you play the battle.


You have 60 minutes to try to escape. Keep in mind that you must be present 15 minutes before the start for some text and explanation.

Wheelchair accessibility

This symbol indicates that the room is accessible for wheelchair users.

Escape Room 076 has an amazing room for kids between the age of 8-15.
At our location, you will be welcomed by our host. The host will ask you to put your belongings in a locker and will bring you to our lounge ‘the escape café’. More importantly, he or she will explain the basic rules of the game. After the brief introduction, the game master will pick your team up and bring you to the room. Some final instructions follow before the game master closes the door behind you… The clock starts to tick! You have to solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles to get out!


Of course, the game master will assist in solving the puzzles, as he is able to see and hear you during the entire game. If you do not manage to escape within the hour, the game master will free you and explain what still had to be done. Afterwards, there is plenty of time to have a drink in our Escape Café!

The mail room

Go back in time and discover the secret of the old mail room!

A former employee of the mail room has been fired after working there for years and years. Why has he been fired all of a sudden? Rumor has it that he kept company money for himself and hid it in the safe… Can you get to the safe? Be quick, because you will only have 60 minutes before the safe will be out of reach… You might need everything you see and find in the room! It will not be easy, but we can count on you and your friends, right?


Do you want to book the KIDS room? Go to the booking page and select the day that you want to pay a visit. Click on the time slot of ‘Postkamer 1’ or ‘Postkamer 2’ (or both) that you would like. Please put in the comments field that you want the KIDS room and add the age of the kids as well!! We will prepare the room with the right puzzles for you. See you soon!

Tot snel?!

The Battle

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play with groups of more than 7 kids due to safety reasons and also for your experience of the game. If you have a group of 8 to 14 kids, you can battle against each other as well as against the ticking clock. We have two identical mail rooms, so you can play exactly the same game at the same time. This is the perfect option if you want to celebrate your birthday with lots of friends! We recommend a group size of 5 kids for the optimal experience.


Unique rooms to experience together.

Success rate

The mail room

Before the rise of the digital age, mail rooms were commonly used. The PTT was one of the biggest mail and telephone companies of the Netherlands, facilitating all means of communication. In the mail room, the packages and letters came in, were weighed and sorted. However, in the mail room we have, everything is locked away… A former employee must have sabotaged the locks. Mrs. D. Stempel, from the board of directors of the PTT, has heard various rumors about this mail room. It might be fraud, or is there a treasure kept in the safe? She already suspects which employee might be responsible for it all… Will you be able to get to the safe and get the treasure in safe hands?

60 min.
2 - 14 pers.
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