The mail room

Battle possible
60 min
2 t/m 14
Difficulty level
Escape rate

Before the rise of the digital age, mail rooms were commonly used. The PTT was one of the biggest mail and telephone companies of the Netherlands, facilitating all means of communication. In the mail room, the packages and letters came in, were weighed and sorted. However, in the mail room we have, everything is locked away… A former employee must have sabotaged the locks. Mrs. D. Stempel, from the board of directors of the PTT, has heard various rumors about this mail room. It might be fraud, or is there a treasure kept in the safe? She already suspects which employee might be responsible for it all… Will you be able to get to the safe and get the treasure in safe hands?

The mail room is also suitable for small groups of 2 people. The optimum group size would be 4 to 5 people. Are you coming with a bigger group? This might impact your game experience.

Mind that this is the same mail room as we used to have at our old location (the actual PTT building). It is not the same room as ‘The Forgotten Office’, which was located on the 4th floor in our old building. We do not have that room anymore. 

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