Large Groups

We offer exciting activities for bigger groups

Escape room for 8 - 70 persons

Due to safety reasons, it is not allowed to play one escape room with a team bigger than 7 people (6 for Vaudeville), but we have a solution for this! Groups of 8-14 people can play a battle, where they not only try to beat the clock but also the other team! We have two identical versions of each of our escape rooms. This means you are able to play the exact same game at the same time. This is the ideal activity for bigger friend groups, families or colleagues.


Do you have a group of 15 – 40 persons?At our place, you can book 3, 4, 5 or even 6 rooms at the same time. Your game experience will be best with an average group size of 5 people per team.


Do you want to come with even more than 42 persons?Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss the possibilities, we are able to create a fun activity programme for almost every group! For example, half of the group can participate in a pub quiz while the other half is playing the escape rooms.


The possibilities are endless!


Fun, exciting and often hilarious! (possible from approx. 20 persons)

The Pub Quiz is an exciting and challenging quiz for everyone! An enthusiastic quizmaster will propose all kinds of questions in various themed rounds. A true brain teaser which can be accompanied with a drink or some appetizers. Work together with your team to score as many points as possible! The Pub Quiz can be combined with one or two rounds of playing escape rooms.

Please contact us via e-mail or call us to discuss the possibilities.

City Game - "Spy Game"

Challenging, thrilling and dynamic (possible from approx. 25 persons)

Spy Game is perfect as a company outing, staff outing, group activity, family activity or just any kind of team building! The Spy Game is a challenging, thrilling and dynamic city activity programme. The various missions ask for creativity, improvisation, assertiveness and team work.


The Spy Game takes places in the city centre. During the activity, the group is divided into smaller teams of approximately 6 people. Each team works independently to complete the mission. The more information and clues they manage to gather, the closer they will get to the final solution. However, there will be difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Who can you trust? Who is after them? What is possible and what is not? Is your interpretation correct? The Spy Game will keep you on your toes the entire time!


The Spy Game guarantees that team work and communication is necessary. It provides hilarious situations and lots of fun! Perfect for team building. Check the separate website


Do you want to host a meeting? Or just give a small presentation before or after you have played the escape rooms? We have a spacious lobby to fit up to 150 people. We are able to provide a beamer, screen and the necessary sound installations. Your colleagues, employees or team members can listen to you while we look after the drinks or even some appetizers. 

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities, we will be able to find the perfect solution for you.

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