Escape Room 076

A thrilling experience in the middle of the Breda’s city centre!

Over de kamers...

We design and build all our rooms all by ourselves and we do so with great enthusiasm! It takes us more than half a year to brainstorm and put it all into practice. Enjoyable rooms with good puzzles and a wonderful experience, that is what we aim for. We hope will notice this in our rooms. We don’t offer any horror rooms. They are not extremely scary, but can be a little creepy at times.

Often, we receive questions about the difficulty of our rooms, but it is hard to put this into words, as difficulty can be much of a personal experience. One might find it hard, while it is a walk in the park for someone else. We added a difficulty level to each of our rooms to give you a little bit of an indication. Note that all of our rooms pose quite a challenge to you and your team, as they should. You won’t escape easily, but it surely is possible if you put effort into it!


Are you claustrophobic? Or do you have difficulties walking? We have quite spacious rooms with a chair in every room. The mail room is also accessible for wheelchair users. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to call us! You can also leave a comment with your reservation to let us know anything of importance.


Are you coming with an international team? Of course this is possible. Please inform us via the comment section with your reservation, so we can make sure the room is prepared in English for you.


Our rooms are built for adults. For teenagers, it is possible to play the mail room! Note that kids under 12 need an adult with them in the room. We advise to wait until the age 14 to let the kids play independently. For Camera 4, the recommended age is 16 years or older.

About the Battle...

Unfortunately, no more than 7 people are allowed to play in the same room for fire safety and game experience reasons. Groups from 8 to 14 people will compete against the clock, but also against each other. From Camera 4 and from The Post Room we have two identical rooms. This means that as 2 teams, you can play the same game at the same time. Ideal as a group outing with friends, family or colleagues.

Are you with 15 or more people? Then book 3, 4 or even 5 rooms. With an average of 5 people per team, most teams have the best gaming experience. Please call us for the possibilities.

About the makers...

Escape Room 076 opened in August 2016 as one of Breda's first escape rooms in the old PTT building in the city center. After years of working with groups at home and abroad, and being awesome game fanatics, we thought; we have to do something with this! Already after playing 1 escaperoom we were convinced.


We got to work right away; brainstorming, tinkering and building, coming up with a good storyline and puzzles. This is how our first room was eventually created; The Forgotten Office. One learns by doing, and over the years The Forgotten Office was developed much further. We also continued to develop other rooms. We were in an old postal building, so we made good use of that theme with The Post Room. A real classic puzzle room, with creative, inventive puzzles. Camera 4 also quickly followed after that, this time we wanted to pay a little more attention to the experience of the room itself; the tension building through music and the storyline. Meanwhile, our newest room Vaudeville also opened. A beautiful room where you are immersed in the atmosphere of the cabinets of curiosities and theaters of the beginning of the last century. 


In September 2018, we unfortunately had to leave the stately old premises on the Oude Vest. As luck would have it, we found another building to set up shop; 150 meters from the old location. 


On the second floor of 1 Buttermilk Street, we have been busy building old familiar escape rooms as well as new ones.

In addition, we have a large reception area on the second floor; “The Escape Café”. Large groups of 15 people or more can come here on request before and/or after playing the escape room for coffee and cake or a cozy drink with appetizers. 

Everyone who comes to play is welcome to have a drink before and after play.


“Doen!! Moeilijke maar geweldige escape room”
Rian Knobel, Facebook
“2 rooms played and 2 very positive different experiences; the 1 really a puzzle room and the other exciting! surprisingly challenging and fun to do and we definitely can't wait for the new room to come out!!!”
“Well put together! Unfortunately just barely escaped! But super fun to puzzle and brainstorm together.
 Reception was good, enthusiastic staff! Keep up the good work!!!”
“We had people at the start who preferred to stay at the bar but ended up joining us and everyone loved it.
We definitely want to come again when the new rooms are ready!”
Team Luchtmacht,

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