Battle possible
60 min
2 - 12 pers.
Difficulty level
Escape rate

Vaudeville; the traveling theatre with its crazy performances. There were shows from bearded women, Siamese twins and sword swallowers. More than a century ago, there was a fortune teller that would always travel with them. She goes by the name ‘Miss Fortune’.

Together with the other performers, Miss Fortune would travel the entire world. She gathered souvenirs from all kinds of places, which she loves to show to her visitors! Moreover, she has made friends all over the world. She still treasures all these friendships, as she believes you are friends for life…

Would you like to become her new friends…? Come over and admire the beauty of her home.

The recommended group size for this room is 2 to 5 people. While it is possible to play with 6, this might impact your game experience. It is not possible to play with more than 6 people. niet met meer dan 6 personen gespeeld worden.

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